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Name server modification FAQs
If you already have a domain name registered through any other registrar and wish to go with our hosting package or domain forwarding you need to modify the name servers. Contact your registrar and specify them with our DOMAIN NAME SERVER Information you also have to modify the technical Contact information.
Domain Name Servers (DNS) in listed order
Primary DNS Server Name: ns1.dns77.com
Primary DNS Server IP:
Secondary DNS Server Name: ns2.dns77.com
Secondary DNS Server IP:
Technical Contact Information
Tech-Name: Domain Master
Tech-Title: Domain Registration
Company Telligent Corporation
Tech-Postal: Suite 275,
Calgary, Alberta
Tech-Phone: +1 (403)
Tech-Fax: +1 (403)
Tech-Mailbox: [email protected]
How do I modify my name servers If I have registered a domain with Geo-Hosting?
If you have registered your domain name with Geo-Hosting and want to modify the name servers please click on the Domain Manager .
What happnes if my domian expires with Geo-Hosting and I miss the renewal date?
Telligent Corporation will send several renewal notices well in advance before the expiry date. It is your responsibility to keep your contact email address current. We will notify you only by email. You have the responsibility of logging into your account and manually implementing the renewal by the expiration date (should you in fact want the domain name to be renewed). In case, if you fail to implement the renewal in a timely fashion the domain name will be cancelled and you will no longer have use of that name. You agree that Telligent Corporation will not be responsible for cancelled or expired domain names that you fail to renew. If you renew a domain after the expiry date, there will be an additional charge of $10 US or $15 CDN per domain.
What do the different domain names stand for?
For businesses and commercial enterprises.
Originally intended to represent the Internet's infrastructure: Network Information Centers, Network Operations Centers, administrative computers (such as Domain Name Hosts) and network node computers.
Designated for miscellaneous entities that do not fit under any of the other top-level domains. Typically used for non-profit organizations.
.ca name is fully accessible by users worldwide (not just in Canada), just like a .com name. The only difference is that you must be a Canadian Corporation or resident to register for a .ca name.

TLD for the country of Tuvalu, a small Pacific Island. Through an agreement with the country of Tuvalu, the California company dotTV became the exclusive registry for .tv domain names. Anyone can register a .tv domain name, as long as they�re willing to pay for it.

Dot-cc works just like dot-com. Both are called top level domains, or TLDs in techspeak. Dot-com and dot-edu are examples of generic domains. Other examples are dot-net and dot-org. To allow room for growth, the designers of the Domain Name System also created country code domains assigned to particular places in the world. Tthe "cc" of dot-cc is technically a designation for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean with fewer than 700 residents.
Domain Names
Don't put "www." in front of the domain. "www." is a host name, not a domain name. You should not use "www" anywhere unless it part of the actual domain name you are looking for.
Legal Characters
Legal characters are 0 to 9, a to z and - (hiphen).
Underscores (_) and spaces are not permitted in domains.
Domains names are NOT case-sensitive.
(www.MyDomain.com is the same as www.mydomain.com & is the same as WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM).
Name Length
For a domain ending in .uk (Nominet UK) a maximum of 63 characters (before any full stop characters) is permitted.
For InterNIC USA domains (.com, .net, .org) a maximum of 63 characters (before any full stop characters) is permitted.
This is NEW - until recently only 22 characters were permitted. 1st Domains UK allows the full length - a new service.
For short domain names, InterNIC USA (.com .net .org) allows 2 character domain names, but Nominet UK (.co.uk .org.uk etc) requires a minimum of three characters.
Valid Domain Entries
When checking for a domain, enter the domain only and select whatever necessary TLD or extension from the drop-down menu list. Do not enter "www." in the beginning of the domain, it is not part of the domain name.
What is the difference between the top-level and the second-level domain names?
The top-level domain and the second level domain work together to form the Internet address. The second level domain usually indicates the name of the organization that the address belongs to (e.g. Microsoft), or the type of web site it is (e.g. .com). When the two are tied together, the address is formed: "microsoft.com". Any additions to this address would be simple and straightforward and are performed by Microsoft. For example, Microsoft has the sites www.microsoft.com and search.microsoft.com.
Once I have registered my domain name, how long will I own it for?
Provided that there are no trademark disputes, and that the annual fees are maintained, your registered domain name will be yours indefinitely. You can register or renew your domain name for periods of 1, 2, 5, or 10 years.
Why do I want a domain name ending with .CC?
There are already more than three million domains registered in the .COM top level domain. Most of the good, short, easy to remember names in .COM are already taken by someone else. The .CC top level domain is recently introduced, so there is plenty of new, empty real estate, with most names still available. In .CC you can have a domain name that fits your business, idea, family or other name more closely.
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