A domain name is simply your 'address' on the Internet. It is what gives you your unique web and email address. Everyone wants an appropriate domain name to help visitors find their web site quickly and easily.

At Geo-Hosting you can register and manage domain names. You receive full worldwide registration.



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Domain Registration

If you are looking for a new domain name, enter the domain name below then hit the search button. If it is available, you will be taken to the registration page.

Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding means that when someone clicks on your domain name, they are immediately redirected (forwarded) to your nominated site, where your pages actually are.
Domain forwarding is available for $19.00 yearly

Domain Renewal

If you have registered your domain with Geo-Hosting you can renew it here. The prices for renewal are the same as for the domain registration if it is renewed before the expiry day.
If you want to renew a domain which is already expired, there will be an additional charge of $10 US or $15 CDN per domain.
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